Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MTC Experience

We feel the MTC Experience has been heaven on earth! The Spirit is so strong here. There is a love and companionship that grows with each passing day! I love my companion!

The Preach My Gospel training last week was so inspiring and fun. Our teachers were totally awesome as you can tell from their pictures. Our Digital Equipment Training has been very thorough and helpful to us. We are excited to practice doing books today and tomorrow. Who knew there was so much to do to focus a camera to take pictures of these sacred documents? We have loved every minute of our training and are so anxious to get to our mission. We know we have been prepared well and are ready to "go and do what the Lord commands." We are going to absolutely love our mission!

We were blessed to hear from Bishop and Sister Edgley of the Presiding Bishopric at our devotional last night. Sister Edgley spoke about making good choices and how important it is to feed the good and not the evil. Bishop Edgley spoke of the importance of our missionary calling and the examples we are being to our posterity. They were absolutely amazing! We are so blessed!

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