Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Mission Conference in Kirtland

The Mission Christmas Conference in Kirtland was so inspiring. We know and have faith that the angels have prepared someone for us in this mission and are grateful to have the many opportunities we have been given to share the gospel and to serve a mission here in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. We listened to testimonies of angels in the Kirtland Temple today. We saw nativity displays from all over the world in the Historic Kirtland Visitors Center today. We listened to testimonies and inspired counsel from Karl Ricks Anderson, President Stacey, Brother Hokanson and President Vellinga today. It was a great day. We know the Lord called us to serve in this place at this time and are so grateful for the call. We love our mission and Ohio.

We were honored to have Karl Ricks Anderson sign his new book for us. It is: The Savior in Kirtland: Personal Accounts of Divine Manifestations. On the back cover is this quote: "In Kirtland the Savior personally directed His Church and taught His Saints by appearing to at least twenty-three Church leaders or by speaking to them. Brother Anderson points out that more first-person words of the Lord have gone out to the world from Kirtland than from any other location in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." We are so grateful to serve in such a sacred place on earth. It is a priviledge to be called to the Ohio Cleveland Mission.

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