Thursday, January 10, 2013

YM/YW Missionary Event

The YM/YW are planning a Missionary Event on January 26th from Noon to 3pm. It is going to be a day in the life of a missionary. So fun! They will be divided into companionships (2 youth). It will be like a mini Zone Conference. They will learn the Restoration lesson from the Young Elders, learn how to sew, wash clothes, tie a tie, shine shoes, and etc. from the Leaders. Then the missionary companionship (2 youth) will be invited to your “home” for dinner and to share a message with you. There will be a room all set up at the church to be your "home". We would like to have food that you ate on your mission. For example, a brother in the Ward is doing food from Taiwan where he served his mission. If you served a mission in the US then you could pick a country of your choice. We are asking 12 returned missionaries, or parents of missionaries (youth), in the Ward if they would like to prepare a simple lunch for their family and the missionary companionship (2 youth). Then the companionship will come to dinner and share a message with you. Just like the missionaries do every day.

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